How to Deal With 'M'Lady' Dudes, According to Amy Schumer

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Laaaaadies! Grab your special lady pens and hide your winter shame: it's time to chat about boys. Specifically, "M'Ladys."


As "Inside Amy Schumer" explains, M'Lady dudes are sort of like the guys who complain about being friend-zoned: they're nice to you but only because they can't or won't just outright say they want to be with you, and they make you feel guilty for not feeling the same way about them. They're also, evidently, really helpful when it comes to moving your boyfriend into your place. In fact, there's an app for that:


Pro tip for ladies dealing with this in real life: The best way to deal with a guy like this — and I know this is tough — is to say "I'm not interested."

And guys. Come close, but not too close, because I have a secret for you, but also don't know you in that way. Ok. If you like a lady? Your best bet is to gauge interest, in like a real adult human way, and then, if you think she might feel the same way about you, tell her. Like, say the words out loud.

I mean, guys (like, girl guys and guy guys alike), I get it. It's a fun joke and I know, maybe better than anyone, that complaining about things gives us life. It sustains us and nourishes us and makes us want to run a marathon to the moon or at least joke about running anywhere while getting little bits of cheese stuck all over my — or one's — keyboard. I understand it. I get it. I'm with it. But all the things you're whining about on message boards or over brunch with your basic-ass friends have a solution. And the solution is to communicate. With words. Actual words. Not the smiley poo emoji, but like, words with vowels and consonants, said out loud to someone's face. HTH (that's "hope that helps!" for the clueless amongst you)! [ed. note: she means me.]

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