How Trump's White House website is showing his lack of respect for the Latinx community

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Donald Trump's team has been busy making some serious, and seriously troubling, changes to the official website—because priorities, right people?


What sort of changes? Well, the moment President Trump took the oath of office, lost its Spanish-language portal. Head to, and all you'll find is this:

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As El Pais noted, the "Español" portal was not simply a translation of the White House's English-language content, but also featured links to topics and initiatives of interest to the Latinx community (you can find archived versions of the page as it existed under Presidents Obama and W. Bush.)

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In addition to removing the Spanish portion of the website, Trump's team has also overhauled a number of policy initiative pages, including the deletion of the site's former LGBT and Climate Change sections. They did add, however, a terrifying "“Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community" page, which includes lines like, "Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter," and features long-debunked statistics.

The deletion of the Spanish-language portal is particularly noteworthy, however, given Trump's history of open hostility toward and xenophobic rhetoric about the Latinx community, as well as the lack of any Latinx person in his cabinet—a 30-year first. From referring to "bad hombres" to his oft-repeated "build a wall" promise, it's hard to see this latest change as anything but a continuation of Trump's ongoing efforts to marginalize and disenfranchise Spanish-speakers across the country.