How women in jumpsuits could stop Donald Trump

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You wouldn't know it from our lack of representation in the White House, Congress, and state governorships, but women actually outnumber men in this country 51% to 49%. Not only that, women are historically more likely to vote than men—which means they have the potential make a huge difference this November. YUGE!

In light of this potential, a Brooklyn-based designer named Sarah Sandman has launched an unconventional Kickstarter to stop Donald Trump by harnessing the power of women. Unconventional because it also involves women wearing prison-like jumpsuits.


Let me explain. The project, called Brick by Brick, is raising money to craft brick-patterned jumpsuits for women to wear to protest the election of Donald Trump. Why jumpsuits, you ask?

Well, when you line up a bunch of women wearing the jumpsuits, they kind of look like a brick wall—so women can essentially build a metaphorical wall against Trump. Get it?

Not only that, the jumpsuits will contain "patches" that feature a selection of Trump's derogatory, sexist, and misogynist language against people with vaginas, as a way to remind both the wearer and anyone she encounters why he is a dangerous choice for President. In case you've missed the headlines, Trump has referred to women as dogs, degenerates, slobs, and bimbos, as well as said things like, "A person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10" and "I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her."


As the project's Kickstarter page explains, "These are words coming out of an actual presidential candidate. He may currently be down in the polls, but let’s not get complacent. Most of us didn’t think he’d make it this far. The most powerful force blocking him from the oval office is the WOMEN'S VOTE."

So far, the project has already met its goal of raising $9,500, but it plans to direct any additional money toward making more jumpsuits, which are in limited supply and cost about $50 a pop on their website.


With 59% of women voters saying they will support Clinton (versus 35% who say they'll support Trump), it looks like plenty of women are ready to suit up.

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