Howard Schultz + Meghan McCain = Please Make It Stop

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Rich coffee doofus Howard Schultz’s possible presidential run is stupid and wrong, but it has provided some residual pleasures. For example: his appearance on Tuesday’s edition of The View.

Schultz has likely stared down a plethora of shady goons in his life, but he could barely get through his segment with Whoopi & Co. The most revelatory/stupidest moment came, of course, during his conversation with Meghan McCain.

Heckler Vs. Howard Schultz

Please watch these two minutes between Schultz and McCain and see if your brain is functioning by the end. It has everything—from McCain’s repeated shouting that there is a “CULTURE WAR!” in America to her insistence on sharing her anti-abortion views to Schultz’s total inability to grapple with her pretty straightforward point that people care about the Supreme Court and who is on it.


Sample dialogue:

Schultz: “We should be able to disagree on those kinds of issues and yet come together on what’s most important to the country.”


McCain: “But being conservative and my conservative pro-life values are very important to me.”

Take this act out on the road!