The March issue of Out magazine features How To Get Away With Murder's Jack Falahee (who plays devious, ruthless, law student Connor Walsh) looking sizzling hot — and getting fired up about sexual identity politics.

In a piece written by Shana Naomi Krochmal, Falahee — whose HTGAWM character routinely engages in steamy sex scenes with men — has an incredibly intelligent argument for why he won't talk about whether he himself is straight or gay:

“I don’t think answering who I’m sleeping with accomplishes anything other than quenching the thirst of curiosity,” he says. “And moreover, it seems reductive. It’s been really interesting to be in the middle of the industry’s fascination with the individual, because I never thought about that growing up or when I was at acting school. No matter how I answer, someone will say, ‘No, that’s not true.’”

I’m the first journalist to straight-out ask, he says, “but everyone wants to.” We spend a good 10 minutes debating why it might matter to any of us how he answers, or why he won’t. “We still live in this hetero-normative, patriarchal society that is intent on placing everything within these binaries,” he says. “I really hope that — if not in my lifetime, my children’s lifetime — this won’t be a question, that we won’t need this.”

Love it. And this:


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