Hundreds protest in Chicago after another teen was fatally shot by police

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Hundreds of people gathered in a demonstration Tuesday night in Chicago over the death of a 16-year-old who was shot by police.

According to a statement by Chicago police, an estimated 200-300 people gathered in the North Lawndale neighborhood. Two people were taken into custody during the demonstration, police said.

Police declined to identify the victim, but other media reports and social media named him as Pierre Loury, 16. Police said the victim was shot Monday night after a brief, armed confrontation after fleeing from a traffic stop. But a witness told the Chicago Tribune that she saw Loury scaling a fence prior to his arrest.


Loury's death comes just months after the Chicago Police Department was forced to release video footage of the death of Laquan McDonald. McDonald, a 17-year-old black man, was shot 16 times by police on Oct. 20, 2014. While police had maintained the officer had acted in self-defense, dash-cam footage from the shooting showed McDonald was walking away from officers when he was shot 16 times in 15 seconds.


Chicago erupted in riots after the footage was released in November, and there have been increasing calls for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign. The officer who fired the shots, Jason Van Dyke, has been charged with murder.

A task force on Chicago's police accountability is expected to be released on Wednesday its findings about transparency and misconduct. The report comes one day after the City Council approved Emanuel's selection of Eddie Johnson for superintendent of the police department. Johnson will replace Garry McCarthy, who was ousted after the footage from McDonald's death was released.

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