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Hurricane Patricia quickly weakened after barreling into Mexico's Pacific coast on Friday night, but the country was still bracing for havoc caused by the mega-storm.

The Category 5 hurricane—the largest ever seen in the Western Hemisphere—initially made landfall with 165 mph winds.

IN SPACE - In this handout photo provided by NASA, Hurricane Patricia is seen from the International Space Station. The hurricane made landfall on the Pacfic coast of Mexico on October 23. (Photo by Scott Kelly/NASA via Getty Images)

News footage showed heavy wind and rain lashing the coastline.


But Patricia was downgraded to a tropical storm by Saturday morning. No deaths were reported. President Enrique Peña Nieto said that "the damage has been less than those expected from a hurricane of this magnitude."

Even so, there were worries that the rain could cause major flooding and landslides. The Mexican government cautioned people to keep their guard up.