I Am Hyperventilating Over This Insane Bernie Sanders-Meghan McCain Exchange

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Bernie Sanders went on iconic morning show The View today, and you know what that means: a super-dumb conversation with Meghan McCain.

Sanders made the fair point that Donald Trump kind of sucks, while also saying he has “conservative friends.” McCain, fresh off of predicting mass violence if anyone tries to take people’s assault rifles away, said she’s “curious” about “bipartisanship,” and asked Sanders to name those conservative pals. This kind of unreal exchange occurred:

SANDERS: Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who is recently retiring.

MCCAIN: He’s retiring.

SANDERS: Your dad was somebody I worked with.

MCCAIN: But they’re dead and now or not—

SANDERS: Johnny is not dead.

MCCAIN: I know but he’s leaving.

“Johnny is not dead.” I’m hyperventilating!!!!

Finally, Sanders named Sen. Lamar Alexander.


Sanders extolling any Republican is not my particular cup of tea, but mostly, what a stupid conversation.

Sanders fans immediately worked this into their standup set:


I need to lie down.

Correction, 9/6/19, 4:50 p.m. ET: This post has been updated to clarify that the “People 4 Bernie” Twitter account is not officially connected to the Sanders campaign, as the post originally implied.