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There's nothing quite as deeply weird as an old infomercial, except for maybe several old infomercials out of context and in loop.

That's basically what's going on over on the Televandalist Vine account, which shows grainy TV and commercial clips with very little background or context. According to Televandalist's website, "there is no copyright inferred with this blog. All images music, scents and emotions belong to their respective owners and are posted for promotional and editorial purposes only." In other words, "if you have a problem and want me to stop buzz marketing your products, don't be a dick and go straight to Tumblr, Just ask me directly and I will be glad to remove your free advertising." Fair enough!

For now, we're going to try to figure out what this guy could possibly be trying to survey:

And why this metaphor is so violent:


… and what's going on with the rest of these, as well:



Weird times.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.