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I beg you like never before: please dear lord no.

The looming threat of a TV or film adaption of former FBI Director James’ Comey’s book A Higher Loyalty now has a face, and that face is Jeff Daniels—of-fucking-course—as the hero once again.

TVline.com reported the news that Daniels would play Comey in the CBS Studios limited series based on the former FBI director’s memoir. It doesn’t yet have a release date, and I pray it stays that way. (A bit later, the site also reported that Brendan Gleeson has been cast to play Donald Trump. OK, sure.)

In a way, this is actually quite fitting: each time Comey has surfaced in recent memory, it’s been in a way that’s self-promotional, deeply unhelpful, or some combination of both. So who better to portray him than the guy who made Will McAvoy one of the most pompous, unlikeable TV characters in recent memory? Here’s hoping Aaron Sorkin signs on—then we’ve really got something.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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