I Can't Stop Watching This Korean Girl Freak Out About a K-Pop Star While Ignoring Melania Trump

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The Trumps are in South Korea. BORING (unless the orange one starts WWIII). You know who else is in South Korea though? Choi Min-ho, also known as Minho, a heartthrob actor and K-Pop superstar who is the main rapper and frontman of the very popular boyband SHINee. (He’s a Sagittarius and his blood type is B for those of you at home.)


Minho joined First Lady Melania Trump at an event called “Girls Play 2!” where she talked about the importance of girls playing sports. Trump also met with some middle school students, only to discover that they were Shawols (the official term for fans of SHINee) or maybe Min-iacs (go with it?) because holy shit, look what happened when one of the girls suddenly realized she was also in the presence of Minho.

Here it is from another angle:

Honestly, same.

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