Donald Trump with his law enforcement pals in Dayton, OH.
Screenshot: The White House

The White House posted truly haunting photos of Donald Trump on Wednesday visiting survivors of the shooting in Dayton, OH, in which nine people were killed, including the shooter’s brother, and 27 were wounded. In photos with victims, Dayton police officers, first responders, doctors, and nurses, Trump has a wide Cheshire cat smile as if he is completely oblivious to the tragedy at hand.

Of the photos where Trump’s face is visible, there is only one where his face isn’t stretched into a smile. He’s giving a thumbs-up sign in three of the photos, including one with law enforcement, as though he is just having a normal night out with the boys.


These photos have the vibe of staged family reunion shots or maybe even prom. Why is everyone smiling? Did someone say “cheese”? Here’s another one:

Photo: White House


Because Trump’s travel pool was not allowed at the event, we may never know how many terrible gaffes Trump made talking to these survivors. I wonder if this was the second-worst day of these people’s lives?


I can’t unsee these photos of Trump looking dumb as hell. And now, neither can you.

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