I dropped 9 letters and got the job

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You might've seen the Buzzfeed video about a guy named José who had to change his name to Joe to get a job. He started getting job offers right after he dropped the "s" from his name, even though his resume and cover letter were exactly the same otherwise.

We met a guy with a similar tale. His name was Chesterfield Bennington III, and he came from the privileged 1%. Still, Chesterfield wasn't content. He wanted to take off his golden cuff links, roll up his sleeves and get his soft hands dirty with some honest labor out-of-doors. But with a name like Chesterfield, nobody would give him a chance. In a moment of inspiration, Chesterfield dropped the telltale "sterfield" from his name and shortened it to Ché. Then the phone calls started coming.


(Tony Fine was here.)

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