I’m Concerned That Dick Cheney’s Evil Is Being Forgotten

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Things happen all the time. They are happening right now. Some other things just happened yesterday. To try to remember all those things is a thankless and impossible task. Seriously, don’t try it.


But a few of these things, you’d hope we’d be able to grasp onto and share as a country. It feels icky to admit, but Dick Cheney’s existence, sadly, should be among those things.

More specifically, it’s important to remember Cheney’s existence as it relates to his being one of the most manipulative, unrepentant, and terrifying war-mongering politicians to crash through the position, even if it’s in the form of a film with a slapdash structure that’s probably 15 minutes too long and really not nearly as good as this guy’s last one.

On a recent round of Teen Jeopardy!, the three contestants were stumped by a hint that used Cheney’s initials, a year in which he served in office, and one of the more infamous of the many tragedies that defined his career. The flub can hardly be blamed on the teens, who I’m sure would have outperformed a 16-year-old me. But it’s still a bad sign that the memory of Dick Cheney’s gruesome reign appears to be fading from our collective consciousness.

And no, I did not have to Google who George H.W. Bush’s VP was, thank you.

OK, maybe I did. Fuckin’ Dan Quayle, can you believe that?

I blame Adam McKay.