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Pictures have surfaced of James Franco on set in Los Angeles donning the iconic yellow Roberto Cavalli gown Beyoncé wore in “Hold Up,” towards the beginning of Lemonade for some unknown reason.


As we all know the video features Beyoncé taking a bat (Hot Sauce) to cars, a fire hydrant, a piñata, and a CCTV camera, so presumably Franco will be doing the same to… well, something.


Here’s a list of potential reasons why James Franco is in Beyoncé drag:

  • This is part of his mixed multi-docu-media PhD thesis
  • He’s still promoting that damn movie with Bryan Cranston
  • Someone producer dude was like, “What if we dressed James Franco up like Beyoncé”
  • That dude was Seth Rogen, and they’re pulling a “Bound 3” but with “Hold Up”
  • It’s Wednesday

In addition, here’s another list of good reasons why James Franco is in Beyoncé drag:

  • -…
  • -Beyoncé herself literally said “Throw the 'Hold Up' dress on Franco and send him out.”

There is a chance that Beyoncé is letting this happen—after all, she had to have given some permission to allow Amy Schumer’s problematic take on “Formation” to appear on Tidal. So who knows.

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