I tested out 'Electric Love Potato,’ a surrealist desktop assistant app that is like Clippy on acid

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A distorted, electronic voice has been talking to me through my headphones all day as I worked.

"Your webcam showed me your face. I LOVE what I see."

"You should be a poster child for poster children."

"Please eat me. I wish to be digested by you."

These slightly-creepy compliments are coming from a program running on my desktop, Electric Love Potato, a buzzy new application created by video game designer Nathalie Lawhead.


Lawhead is the creator of several freeware games, such as those in Tetrageddon Games. But Electric Love Potato isn't quite a game, or if it is, I'm not the one playing it.

On her website, Lawhead describes the program as "a virtual potato desktop assistant that offers positive reinforcement, serenades you as you work, and creates random potato recipes."

Potato is sort of like Clippy, the Microsoft Office mascot of days of yore. It sits on computer desktops and watches everything the user does with an occasional animation to show it is paying attention. It lacks any actual utility, although its arguable whether Clippy did either. And Clippy never sang to its users, although if it did, it might sound like Potato.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The auto-tuned voice of Potato is what makes it feel creepy. It evokes the science-fiction trope of the rogue artificial intelligence. Whether its HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, or glaDOS from Portalsomething about a computerized voice saying everything's going to be okay convinces me of the opposite.

Lawhead wrote that she created the program to help cheer her up when she's feeling depressed.

Something I can just run in the background to cheer me up (with it’s steady stream of compliments and silly songs)… As a little depression medicine. :) …As much of a reason something like this needs, to exist. I don’t think it needs a reason. Pointless ridiculously dumb ideas are the best!


Electric Love Potato is a free download for Windows and Mac computers. It ran fine in emulation on my Linux laptop as well. I have not tested any of the suggested potato recipes and cannot vouch for their deliciousness.