In a statement to the Beast, Martinez said the officer refused her medical treatment and didn’t allow her to call emergency services.

“This was because he was mad that he had so many cameras filming him in the ICE parking lot as he was deporting my 3-year-old client and his pregnant mother,” she said in the statement.

She also said she was locked in an office before ICE called Federal Protective Services and that the officer “continually looked at my phone to make sure I wasn’t recording him.”


In video from a vigil held for the detained mother and child outside the facility which was posted on Facebook, a woman can be seen struggling with a man who appears to be an officer. That post said that Martinez repeatedly identified herself as the family’s attorney before being knocked to the ground.


ICE did not comment to the site about the incident. Splinter has also reached out about the report and will update this post if we hear back.