ICE Director Accidentally Blows a Giant Hole in One of Trump's Key Anti-Immigrant Lies

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement wound up undermining one of President Trump’s core anti-immigrant talking points during a briefing with the White House press corps on Wednesday.


Acting Director Thomas Homan, who infamously said that every single undocumented person living in the U.S. should be “worried,” conceded he knows undocumented immigrants do not commit crimes at higher rates than native-born American citizens, something that contradicts the president’s frequent claims, both in office and during his campaign, that they are a national security menace.

Homan also went on to blame immigrant families being torn apart by the Trump administration—including parents being deported while their American-born children are allowed to stay in the country— for their own heartache.

And for good measure, Homan took the fearmongering one step farther, suggesting that all undocumented people are facing scrutiny by immigration officials now.


Managing Editor, Splinter