"Without victims willing to testify we've had to dismiss those charges and the violent offenders have seen no consequences for their violent acts," Denver City Attorney Kristin Bronson told NPR.


Kice, the ICE spokesperson, said that now that many law enforcement agencies no longer honor ICE detainers, immigration agents have to locate immigrants wherever they are and that courthouses may be safer locations.

"When ICE Fugitive Operations officers have to go out into the community to proactively locate these criminal aliens, regardless of the precautions they take, it needlessly puts our personnel and potentially innocent bystanders in harm’s way," she said. "Because courthouse visitors are typically screened upon entry to search for weapons and other contraband, the safety risks for the arresting officers and for the arrestee are substantially diminished."


At the town hall in Sacramento, Homan said officials visit courthouses after the agency has exhausted all other resources.

“The courthouse is the last place we’d go, we’d much rather go to a jail to get them,” he said.