No one expects government agencies to be particularly hip, but even by the "how do you do, fellow kids?" metric, this recent tweet by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is painfully bad.

@ICEGov / Twitter

Yup, that's ICE hoppin' aboard the #ThrowBackThursday train to…brag about deporting people during the Obama administration ("WHOA," their social media intern probably thought. "VIRAL CONTENT!!!!")

To make matters worse, the tweet comes in the midst of a nationwide "Day Without Immigrants" strike, meant to highlight the significant role immigrant communities play across the United States.

A quick glance at the bizarre TBT's replies offers pretty much exactly what you might expect from the sort of people who would follow ICE on Twitter in the first place.


ICE's point, presumably, was to highlight the fact that the current crackdown on immigrant communities, which saw around 700 people detained over the past weekend, is, in fact, nothing new for the agency. Perhaps, but given the rhetoric of the Trump administration, ICE's current actions are a particularly grim extension of the White House's xenophobic ultra-nationalism.

Can't wait to see who they pick for #FollowFriday.

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