ICE's 2017 Retrospective Left Just a Few Things Out

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2017 was an awfully busy one for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency under President Donald Trump. So busy, in fact, that ICE was able to compile an entire “year in review” list for anyone interested in that sort of thing. It has all sorts of heartwarming entries like “ICE ERO immigration arrests climb nearly 40%” and “ICE-led gang surge nets 1,378 arrests nationwide.” Isn’t rounding up immigrants great???

But, in looking at ICE’s roundup (and the near-identical version of the list published by Breitbart), it’s clear that the winner of 2017's “government agency most likely to split up families” award left a few of its greatest hits off the list.

Here are 10 stories that ICE inexplicably failed to mention.

ICE’s Reign of Terror Is Sending Employee Morale Through the Roof

ICE Raids Children’s Shelter and Detains Asylum Applicant on His 18th Birthday

ICE Arrests Undocumented Man After He Spoke to the Media About His Girlfriend’s Detention

Undocumented Parents Arrested at Children’s Hospital While Awaiting Their Infant Son’s Surgery

ICE Is Arresting People When They Show Up to Apply For Green Cards Now

ICE Enters a Private Home Without a Warrant to Detain a Man They Later Released

ICE Agents Allegedly Locked Up an Undocumented Immigrant Who Was Hospitalized for a Brain Tumor

Immigration Police Allegedly Waited Outside a 10-Year-Old’s Hospital Room To Detain Her

Yale Senior Tells Heartbreaking Story of Accidentally Turning Her Dad in to ICE

This Heartbreaking Video Shows a Father Being Arrested by ICE in Front of His Wife and Daughter

How could ICE have forgotten these highlights? It’s truly a mystery.

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