If Baltimore seems embroiled in chaos now, look at the city in 1968

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The city of Baltimore was thrown into chaos on Monday and Tuesday. Police cars and buildings burned. Baseball games were canceled. Stores were looted.

But for all the sense of pandemonium, the turmoil is nothing compared to some of city's history with violent protests and riots.

Vocativ takes us back to April 1968, right after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There were riots in the city for eight days following King's death.


According to news reports from the time, the riots left seven people dead, 700 more injured, almost 6,000 arrested, and about 1,000 businesses looted and, in some cases, destroyed. The Baltimore Sun called it one of the city's major events that "changed the course of history" in the city in the last century.

The current levels of unrest in the city haven't come close to that level. Vocativ gif'd the difference in the number of incidents between the 1968 riots and the protests of the last two days:


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