If Everyone Mike Bloomberg Gave Money to Votes For Him... He Will Still Lose Badly

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Though some analysts say rich white male former Republican Mike Bloomberg may have a hard time winning the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, they have not contended with his secret weapon: giving money to everyone, for votes.


Bloomberg, whose current net worth is $57 billion, has given away more than $6 billion in charity donations, which is the equivalent of an average person giving away nothing and also finding $57 billion on the ground. This has opened the eyes of Bloomberg’s highly paid political strategy team to a possible “path forward” for the Democratic nomination. Sure, we are living in a time when the left is ascendant and Bloomberg is a billionaire who loves stop-and-frisk policies, but... what if we asked all the charity people he gave money to, to support him? What then?


Bloomberg’s political team is beginning to press the issue. As the former New York mayor nears a decision on whether to run, his advisers — led by right-hand man Kevin Sheekey — are asking beneficiaries of his largesse if they’d be on board for his presidential bid...

A Bloomberg consultant contends that the billionaire’s organizations have fielded calls from “thousands” of supporters eager to repay the favor of the philanthropist’s support over the decades.

Sure, sure. I can believe that many people who Mike Bloomberg has directly given millions of dollars to are willing to now support him, the guy who gave them millions of dollars. Now he just has to take this strategy nationwide. With his substantial fortune, Bloomberg can give a million dollars to 57,000 people. That equals 57,000 votes—enough to move the needle in several Iowa counties.

It’s Bloomberg Time!

Senior Writer. Hamilton@SplinterNews.com