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With all the craziness happening in America and the world today, between natural disasters, possible nuclear war, and, uh, the patriarchy, it’s weird to think that something as “normal” and seemingly apolitical as the Super Bowl, is still happening. But perhaps it’s in light of this chaotic atmosphere that the Super Bowl planning committee has gone with one of the most aggressively basic performers of all time for the 2018 halftime show. Once again, Justin Timberlake will be performing.

Timberlake made the special announcement with a special friend in this video from Sunday night:

It’s lovely that Justin Timberlake, who bravely endured almost no direct backlash for accidentally exposing Janet Jackson’s breast at the Super Bowl back in 2004—while Jackson’s career was destroyed for years—has been forgiven and granted the opportunity to try it again!


And as much as I’m really looking forward to thousands of people dancing to “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” what I really want to know is just how Timberlake plans on making amends with Jackson. If she doesn’t make a cameo, or at least get a full-blown apology from Timberlake, then not only is the NFL insanely inept for not carrying out the perfect nostalgic and reconciliatory PR stunt, but also Timberlake is well, exactly what we expected, I guess. Hopefully Justin makes the right decision and does the bare minimum!