Debatable source Bossip tells us that intimidatingly attractive Oscar winners Lupita Nyong'o and Common are dating — news with which we take with a rather large grain of salt.

While our heartbeat quickens over the idea of the far too comely pair talking method acting over dinner, as they were photographed doing in New York just yesterday, we need to breathe. Inhale, exhale.

The reports are thin, the photos are grainy, and square-jawed Common is characteristically mum on the subject, telling Hot97's disc jokey, Ebro, yesterday morning: "I’m single. I go out on dates. I haven’t really found a woman that I’m just like okay, I’m gonna settle down. I ain’t out here[…] I’m focused on stuff I’m doing, but it’s nice to go out on dates.” Typical passive, modern, single guy-rhetoric which I have no choice but to read subtext into.

But seriously, what makes the union kind of plausible — much more so than those rumors of Nyong'o being continually jerked around by the perpetually aloof Jordan Catalano Jared Leto — is the suggestion that their mutual stylist, Micaela Erlanger, set the pair up.


As a fashion girl, that news has me in my feelings… and in my head. I mean, not only does Erlanger create jaw-dropping, iconic red-carpet moments for Nyong'o that often render us speechless — that pearl-encrusted Calvin Klein Oscars dress must ring a bell — but the woman can find you a date who makes a tux look like second-skin. Firstly, that's an all-in-one friend you've got there, Nyong'o, and secondly, that's the fashion world's equivalent to dating a winged unicorn.


Common accepting his Oscar with John Legend at this year's Academy Awards ceremony for "Best Song".

Besides being a dashing escort, Common is an award-winning rapper and actor, and just delivered a thoughtful Oscars speech on race relations in America, endearing himself to millions, and apparently Nyong'o. But then again, girl has always been soft on a conscious rapper: her ex is K'naan, after all.


Whether Nyong'o and Common are actually dating is just speculation, of course, and we'll most likely only learn more as soon as they break up, but for the moment, let's just pause to consider the many red-carpets this dream couple could shut down. *I just*

Marjon Carlos is a style and culture writer for Fusion who boasts a strong turtleneck game and opinions on the subjects of fashion, gender, race, pop culture, and men's footwear.