Ilhan Omar Is a Class Act in the Face of Trump's Racist Hatred

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As the braying masses chanting “send her back” in response to to Donald Trump’s criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar have willfully forgotten, there’s a real person on the receiving end of those attacks. And the Minnesota congresswoman is responding to this unprecedented new round of racism like a class act.

During Trump’s rally in Greenville, NC, during which he went on an extended anti-Omar screed, she tweeted simply in response:


A bit later, she added to that message:

Because that’s what makes Omar’s critics—and even that word confers too much intellectual weight to their repeated, vicious lies—the most mad: that they can’t immediately dispense with this democratically elected woman of color who refuses to sit down and shut up. All they have left are racist lies about Omar’s legislative efforts and personal history. Now’s the time to let her know we’ve got her back.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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