Ilhan Omar Smacking Ted Cruz Down Is Deeply Satisfying

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is an abhorrent, spineless person and an embarrassment to the state of Texas, which only became more clear this weekend after he (and other Republicans) tried to blame Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for the anti-Semitism behind a disgusting political cartoon published by the New York Times last week, and Saturday’s San Diego Synagogue mass shooting by a white supremacist.


Of course, we’ve seen this all before. Republican leaders only care about anti-Semitism when it’s convenient for them, i.e. allows them to blame someone else. This is why Omar is such a frequent target, as opposed to, say, the white supremacists emboldened by the president.

Omar, however, sees through this, and won’t let the people attempting to blame her get away with doing so. Responding to Cruz on Sunday night, Omar commented that Cruz had yet to say anything about the San Diego synagogue shooting.

“Shame on you,” Omar tweeted.

Cruz, by the way, still hasn’t said anything about the synagogue shooting, but somehow managed to share a Twitter moment about yesterday’s Houston Rockets game and several plugs for a new Texas-based right-wing website. Idiot.