I'm Glad We Get to Enjoy the Jeanine Pirro-Whoopi Goldberg Feud for Another Day

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

After The View’s Whoopi Goldberg so righteously shouted down former prosecutor-turned-Fox-News-host-and-insane person Jeanine Pirro both on and off the air yesterday, “The Judge” retreated to a “safe space” on Fox & Friends to defend herself Friday morning.


Goldberg had clearly had enough of Pirro’s shit on the ladies’ gabfest when she cut her off and ended Pirro’s segment. Pirro told her Fox News colleagues that Goldberg then pushed Pirro’s new book off the communal table, unplugged her own mic, and stormed off. She said that she followed Goldberg and tried to tell her, in an interaction that definitely happened this way, “I’ve spent my whole life fighting for victims,” adding, “because we had talked about rapes and all that.”

“And she got right up in my face ... she says, ‘Eff you, eff you,’” she continued. “And then, I said, ‘Did you just say eff you?’ And then she said ‘Get the eff out of this building, get the eff out of this building.”

(A quick note for the scores of old people who email me near-daily to admonish me for my language: Pirro meant “fuck,” a word you cannot say on TV, but one you can say on blogs.)

“I can go toe to toe with anybody, but that’s abuse,” Pirro—a woman who has made a career out of rage and admonished police for being too soft on protesters, but who apparently can’t deal with being shouted at by Whoopi Goldberg—said. “It was a sad moment. She was triggered, and I never understood ‘triggering.’”

Triggering indeed. Will Goldberg address the matter on the air during The View’s next broadcast?? What does co-host Meghan McCain, the show’s usual source of drama, feel about being excluded from this narrative?? These are answers I demand, and hopefully answers that this news cycle will afford us. We’ve earned it!!


Update, 12:30 p.m.: Whoopi came through, everyone. On Friday’s edition of The View, she elaborated on what had happened from her perspective. She said Pirro “called everybody at the table a name I cannot repeat on TV and said it in front of the audience,” and that backstage, Pirro continued the argument and pointed her finger in Goldberg’s face.

“Then, I said to her some few choice words I cannot repeat,” Goldberg said, adding,I did not intimidate her. No one chased her out of here, saying get out, but she did leave here cursing at the people who booked the show. She cursed at the guys who do the security for the show....you cannot come and call people names.



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