In 2008, Donald Trump told an interviewer Hillary and Bill Clinton were 'great'

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Well, this is a little awkward.

Eight years ago, about a week after Barack Obama won the presidency, Donald Trump sat down for an interview with the local New York cable news channel NY1 and had good—no, great—things to say about Bill and Hillary Clinton.


"Well, I think her history is far from being over," Trump said, after being asked about Hillary Clinton's legacy by a NY1 reporter. "I'd like to answer that question in another 15 years from now. I think she is going to go down at a minimum as a great senator. I think she is a great wife to a president. And I think Bill Clinton was a great president."

The full Trump clip was rebroadcast by NY1 today—you can watch it here—after it was flagged in a CNN report.


In contrast to the 2008 video, Trump has spent much of the 2016 campaign attacking Hillary and Bill Clinton's characters.

CNN also discovered an archived version of a blog post on the website of Trump's notorious Trump University where he recounted the interview shortly after it was conducted. He repeated many of the themes he'd touched on in the video. "Hillary is smart, tough and a very nice person, and so is her husband. Bill Clinton was a great President. They are fine people," Trump wrote. "Hillary was roughed up by the media, and it was a tough campaign for her, but she’s a great trouper. Her history is far from being over."

In the original NY1 interview, Trump also had great things to say about Bill Clinton's two terms as president. "You know, you look at the country then," he said. "The economy was doing great. Look at what happened during the Clinton years. I mean we had no war, the economy was doing great, everybody was happy. A lot of people hated him because they were jealous as hell."

Ali Gharib is a journalist based in Brooklyn. Sometimes he writes about bars and broke down cars.

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