In the world of Nihilisa Frank, life is as meaningless as sparkles and glittering rainbows

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In the same way that Dismaland is a twisted, dystopian interpretation of an amusement park, the art of Nihilisa Frank is a series vibrant, soul-crushing artworks espousing life's bleakest truths as (Lisa) frankly as possible.

Done in the style of Lisa Frank's garish (if iconic) artwork that became emblematic of schoolgirlhood in the '80s and '90s, Nihilisa Frank subverts the exuberant optimism traditionally associated with rainbow gradients and smiling animals. Though the pictures are bright and inviting, the text overlays are shot through with the kinds of existential doubt, fear, and misanthropy that make one wonder what true meaning, if any, there is to life.


When asked for comment about their work, Nihilisa Frank did not answer and Fusion's questions echoed into the great void of the internet.