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On Thursday, some pages were published from some report. On Friday, President Donald Trump used those pages as a chance to dunk on all his “haters.” In doing so, the president, as he is wont to do, either forgot he was president or just didn’t care, and blasted off a tweet in which he used a Bad Word. Specifically, he said that negative statements made in regards to him that appeared in the Mueller report were “total bullshit.” The absolute horror!


Anyway, this isn’t exactly the place to come if you want to get worked up about the big dolt doing a cuss. (CNN’s Brian “Good Friday” Stelter has you covered on that front.) Maybe instead, let’s go back to needling White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for, yet again, being caught being a blatant liar and just not giving a shit, or any of the dozens of other ongoing national crises currently unfolding, or even whatever the fuck this is from Glenn Greenwald.

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