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If you’re sick of the constant drumbeat of Donald Trump in the news, but don’t want to lose the feeling of having an egotistical millionaire yell his bad opinions at you, then we’ve got a bot for you.

We put together a chatbot that imitates the speaking style of Donald Trump. The bot rearranges the statements Trump has made at the Republican presidential debates in an attempt to respond to your questions. We call him the Trumpbot.

You can type your questions to Trumpbot in the box below, hit Enter, and Trump’s considered response should appear in a second or two.


Now, there are some important differences between Donald Trump and Trumpbot to keep in mind.

There are the obvious ones, of course: Donald Trump is a 69-year-old business tycoon; Trumpbot is about 75 lines of code written in the Python programming language. Donald Trump is running to be president of America; Trumpbot is running on a server somewhere in North America.


But there are some upsides to Trumpbot: Unlike the real Trump, it will never refuse to answer you (although it might change the subject sometimes). It will never demand $5 million for an appearance (although it can’t actually appear anywhere except inside a webpage). And it will never release a strange letter from its doctor (it has no physical form and, subsequently, no doctor).

Occasionally Trumpbot’s responses have nothing to do with your actual questions. In that way, Trumpbot is certainly Trump-like.


In a way, we’ve distilled Donald Trump down to his most ideal form: A formless voice that rages, but only when you want it to. It can be summoned or dismissed with the click of a button.

Trumpbot is here, for you. Please enjoy.