Emilio Espejel and Ernesto Alvarez

MEXICO CITY — On Sunday nights, some 200 people congregate at a determined gas station in Mexico City to watch illegal motorcycle races — or join the cross-city chase. The motorcyclists play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the cops; they taunt the police by revving their engines at traffic lights, then peel out when the light turns green, getting the cops to give chase.

Participants wait for the green light to begin the race.
Emilio Espejel and Ernesto Alvarez

Last Sunday night, Fusion followed as more than 90 motorcyclists raced at top speeds — tipping 100 MPH on the speedometer— through the streets of Mexico City. The racers have no established route, but tend to stick to the main highways and thoroughfares where the lanes are wide enough to punch it full throttle.

Two motorcycles race through the darkened streets of D.F.


The races draw men, women and teens. Some use radios to communicate to prevent the intrusion of borregas – as race crashers are known. If a borrega is discovered in the race, spectators and racers pelt them with eggs.

Many ride with their girlfriends on the back.
A participant spots the borregas.


On this particular Sunday,  police nabbed four of the motorcyclists.

police get tipped about the race and give chase.
The cops chase a participant.


Emilio Espejel is a photographer based in Mexico City.

Ernesto Alvarez is a freelance journalist in Mexico.