Photo: Win McNamee (Getty)

President Donald Trump on Monday pledged to continue building his border wall between the United States and Mexico apparently, thanks to some xenophobic encouragement from a young White House guest.

Speaking with reporters during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, Trump claimed one of the children participants took a break from coloring holiday cards to privately urge him to “keep building that wall.”

“He’s going to be a conservative someday,” he also said.


Wow, what a politically active little scamp!

Who, I ask, was this child? Was it Don Jr., desperate for paternal love and attention? Was it Pickle, the precocious nine-year-old who famously wrote Trump that his birthday cake “was the shape of your hat”? Or perhaps Trump mistook elfin chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney for a grade schooler who loves the wall?


Anyway, it’s encouraging to know that the president has an ear to the wants and needs of his base: kids all hopped up on candy and inflammatory rhetoric.