Instead of giving his waitress a tip, this guy wrote 'lol'

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Hey, it's good to tip your waiters and waitresses. As the Asbury Park Press points out, servers in New Jersey have a minimum wage of just $2.50, meaning tips comprise a significant and important part of their income. This is a major reason why writing "LOL" on the tip line of the check, like this New Jersey person apparently did in Belmar last week, is not a very good thing to do! Don't do this!

Unrelated, but here's a fun passage from the Asbury Park Press story:

Instead, the texting acronym "LOL" — for laughing out loud — was written on the tip line of the receipt next to the words, "1 hour for food."


Just so you know!

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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