Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's Spokesperson Once Said Muslims Can't Be President

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Faith Vander Voort, a spokesperson for Trump Administration Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, argued in a 2015 blog post that Muslims “could never serve” as president of the United States, according to HuffPost.


Vander Voort’s post—literally entitled “Did I offend you?”—was a defense of then-presidential candidate Ben Carson, who had just made news for saying basically the same thing. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that,” Carson, now Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said on NBC. The post was published to her personal website in 2015 and taken down sometime between October 2016 and January 2017. It can be viewed, along with the rest of her blog, on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

On Vander Voort’s website, she describes herself as “a firm believer that Mumford and Sons can be played at any occasion,” proving that Islamophobia is only one of her terrible opinions.

Vander Voort wrote in her now-deleted piece that a hypothetical Muslim president would “either be a shoddy and inconsistent Muslim or subject to impeachment the moment they took office because Shariah Law and the United States Constitution are not compatible.”

This myth, that all Muslims would enforce Sharia Law given the opportunity, is a pretty common belief among conservatives, one that’s been debunked countless times. It stems from a total misunderstanding of what Sharia Law actually means.

Vander Voort also used the derogatory term “anchor babies” to refer to the children of immigrants, and claimed that those born in the US whose parents are undocumented are here illegally, which is false (though not if some Washington Post columnists get their way).

The blog post unearthed by HuffPost was written by Vander Voort while she was living in DC as an intern for Representative Steve King, a Republican from Iowa notable for his blatantly racist views. Recently, he refused to apologize for promoting a British neo-Nazi on Twitter.


Vander Voort wrote all kinds of musings on her blog, including about her former boss, King:

Let me be clear, Congressman King is one of the good ones. In an institution of greed and power, I am extremely honored to have worked for Steve King. He is a man of principle, and I will always be proud to have my name tied to his for the rest of my professional career.


That’s a good one to keep bookmarked.