Introducing Peeps milk, just in time for Easter

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Prairie Farms, the deranged dairy Dr. Frankensteins who brought you jellybean milk,  have teamed up with Just Born to create a seasonal treat that literally no one ever asked for: Peeps milk.

Prairie Farms

Unless it is in fact produced by milking marshmallow Peeps found in the wild, a better name for this stuff might be sugar milk — there are 37 grams to a single cup.

It comes in three flavors: marshmallow, chocolate marshmallow (they do not make chocolate Peeps; this is a perversion atop a perversion), and Easter egg nog, because, honestly, why not.

Is this crazy? Yes. Would we try Peeps milk? Obviously. Stay tuned.

Molly Fitzpatrick is senior editor of Fusion's Pop & Culture section. Her interests include movies about movies, TV shows about TV shows, and movies about TV shows, but not so much TV shows about movies.

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