Iowa Supreme Court says it's OK to be drunk on your front porch

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In 2013, Patience Paye of Waterloo, Iowa stepped onto her front porch to chat with police about "a domestic argument over car keys." Paye was quite drunk, with a 0.267 BAC, and the officers chose to arrest her on the basis of public intoxication, despite the fact that she was still on the front steps of her residence.

Today, the Iowa Supreme Court ensured such a situation would never happen again, ruling that "the front steps of a single-family home are not a public place." Via Radio Iowa:

The ruling also says if the front stairs of a single-family residence are always a public place, “it would be a crime to sit there calmly on a breezy summer day and sip a mojito, celebrate a professional achievement with a mixed drink of choice, or even baste meat on the grill with a bourbon-infused barbeque sauce. We do not think the legislature intended Iowa law to be so heavy-handed.”


Cherish this, because this might be the last time you'll ever see the phrase "bourbon-infused barbeque sauce" appear in a Supreme Court ruling.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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