Iowans, Show Me Your Lists

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Bill de Blasio, a man who is completely inept at running his own city yet convinced he could run the country, is at the Iowa State Fair this week, where he has been photographed showing more enthusiasm for corn dogs and butter cows than he has for a single thing in New York other than his own gym. De Blasio is polling at a mighty 0 percent, but he seems to think Iowans like him.


Or so he told NY 1's Errol Louis on Inside City Hall:

I have yet to meet, hear from, or hear about any de Blasio voters—other than maybe Steve Buscemi, which is at least a pretty good vote to have—and so I find this assertion a little suspect. It seems de Blasio thinks the “list” is a shortlist of candidates these aforementioned “people” plan to vote for, but it is highly possible this “list” is more just a list of people running for president, which unfortunately would include de Blasio.

“List” could also refer to a list of people running for president who shouldn’t be, or a list of mayors who campaigned on a sweeping street safety initiative and then promptly absconded from their elected positions in the middle of an epidemic of cyclist/pedestrian deaths at the hands of drivers, or a list of groundhog murderers.

Indeed, there are many explanations:


Whatever the list, the numbers still don’t add up for de Blasio, or at least the corn kernels don’t. The New York Post reports that the mayor received only 23 out of about 20,000 votes in the Iowa State Fair’s unofficial corn kernel poll, which, like his national poll numbers, adds up to 0 percent.