Is 'Love Trumps All' the first piece of fan fiction of the 2016 election season?

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Love Trumps All” may be the first piece of fan fiction to emerge from this election cycle (excluding certain parts of Twitter and Facebook), and it’s barely Trump fan fic at all.

The story, short and only slightly NSFW, is about a misanthropic teenager who's just started at a new high school. "I think i look like Donald Trump," the narrator says, explaining "[m]y lips curve down to my chin and i don't really smile" before going on to clarify that Trump is also a "hottie." Trump himself does not make a physical appearance, despite numerous callouts.

In case there’s any doubt the author is a) trolling and b) vaguely interested in politics, there are shoutouts to rickperry420 and sarahpalininsidehoe6969.


There is a surprising dearth of fan fiction about the GOP candidates in general, and Trump fan fiction specifically. A search for “Donald Trump” on yields only sixteen results, and on the (wonderful and friendly) fanfic repository Archive of Our Own there are only three. The two do both share what is without a doubt the crown jewel of the subgenre: “Meeting with Donald Trump,” in which Yu-Gi-Oh character Seto Kaiba meets with Trump and begins to fall in love with Trump’s daughter Tiffany. It’s worth reading for the descriptive language alone:

Then a young woman, with blonde hair and brown eyes and wearing a blue dress with small sequins all over it walked angrily into the room. She looked to be about 28 – which she was.


But the appearance of “Love Trumps All” might mark the beginning of electoral fanfic season, and with fifteen months to go it seems to have come early. Last election cycle, the first story mentioning Mitt Romney was a crossover story with Newt Gingrich and popular Anime/Manga character Naruto, but that didn’t appear until late January of 2012. (There's also a great deal of fan fiction involving Hillary Clinton, but none from this campaign season.)

Love Trumps All is a pretty blatant case of someone trying to make fun of fan fiction authors as much as, if not more than, they're trying to make fun of Trump. But nonetheless, it's interesting to see any Election 2016 fan fiction begin to appear. If nothing else, it's a way to keep an eye on which, if any, GOP contenders are capturing a very specific area of the American political imagination.


At press time, there does not appear to be Jeb Bush fan fiction.

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