After the humiliating prison escape by drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, authorities in Mexico have decided it's time to reinforce the country’s maximum-security prison.

Inside the Altiplano prison that once housed Guzman, construction has quietly been underway to bolster security, most notably in the hall that leads to the drug kingpin's old cell (No. 20).


Guzman escaped in mid-July, slipping through a 2x2-foot hole underneath the shower in his cell and fleeing through a tunnel.

Until recently, the top-security wing also held some of Mexico’s other top drug lords, including La Tuta, Z42, and La Barbie. But their cells are empty now as construction workers make changes to the prison’s structure in what in theory should have been the most secure wing in the most secure prison in Mexico.

Workers are ripping up cement floors and reinforcing them with steel rods, ostensibly to make it more difficult for prisoners to tunnel or dig their way out.

The hole in Chapo's cell, however, still has not been covered.

Pictures given to me by the Mexican government show some of the changes. Take a look below:


Carlos Loret de Mola is an award winning Mexican journalist and popular news anchor of Televisa’s “Primero Noticias.” He has served as a war correspondent in Afghanistan, Haiti, Egypt, Syria and Libya and writes for a number of news outlets on issues ranging from the drug war to international politics. Carlos has broken many influential stories about the operations that led to the capture of some of Mexico’s most wanted criminals. In 2001 he wrote the book "The Deal. Mexican economy trapped by drug trafficking." He is a frustrated chef, runner and guitar troubadour… but he keeps trying.

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