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Today is the anniversary of 9/11. Democrats fear that Russia is already working to subvert the upcoming election. This is today’s political cartoon by CQ Roll Call cartoonist RJ Matson.

Let’s unpack this a bit.

First, you can tell that the “towers” in this scenario are ballot boxes, because aside from having all of the typical features of a ballot box—ballots, a slot to put ballots in—the boxes say “Vote.” Likewise, you can tell that the plane that’s about to fly into them is Russia because it says “Russia,” in addition to bearing the colors of the Russian flag.


What is the message behind this? That’s easy: Russia is going to fly a very tiny plane into two ballot boxes. Thank you RJ Matson—a beacon in these dark times—for calling attention to a pressing problem with a truly incisive cartoon.

News editor, Splinter

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