Is This Even a Dog Whistle?

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Donald Trump’s rally tonight in Texas, part of his unlikely campaign for Ted Cruz, was sure to be a doozy. Our steadfast president delivered above and beyond expectations, hitting hard on racially-charged issues sure to ignite his base. These included the terrible proliferation of MS-13, Beto O’Rourke’s supposedly deadly sanctuary cities, the need for voter ID laws, and the dangers of “chain migration.” But Trump stepped his coded racism up to the next level it when he used the anti-semitic dog whistle “globalists” in the same sentence in which he called himself a “nationalist.”

After condemning “radical Democrats,” Trump asked the crowd, “You know what a globalist is, right?” After leaving a several second silence, filled with boos, he continued, “A globalist is a person who wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much.”

He went on: “You know, they have a word, it sort of became old fashioned. It’s called, a nationalist... we’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I’m a nationalist.”

The one thing Trump didn’t do was describe what kind of nationalist he considers himself to be. That’s something he apparently trusts us to figure out ourselves.