Is This Our Idiot President's Most Pathetic Response To a Very Bad News Event Yet?

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A slew of prominent Democratic politicians have been sent explosives in the mail today— among them Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder. The CNN newsroom in New York City was also forced to evacuate, with police investigating a potential “live explosive device” along with a white powder.

Not much else is known yet—including who’s behind the packages and why they were sent—but we’re following the story here. It’s the kind of thing the president would want to speak out about, so he lamely retweeting Vice President Mike Pence.


“Attempted attacks” bad, president says! You heard it here! It could be Trump’s lamest response yet in a long line of half-assed responses to natural disasters, tragedies, and the like.

But boy, this is awkward for Donald! The response from members of his administration and his family could help light the way here, but clearly that’s not happening. Oddly enough, none of them could bring themselves to mention that their favorite boogeyman, George Soros, was also targeted with explosives this week.


Again, we don’t know anything about who’s behind this or their motives yet. But the awkwardness with which Trump and his right-wing media apparatus are already being forced to address these targeted attacks seems to suggest something of a guilty conscience.