Is This Thing a Bird? Or Is It? No, It's A Bird. But Maybe a Rabbit? No. Bird.

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Here’s a thing circulating online:

It’s a bird, right? Yeah. That’s what I thought. But then... For a second, I saw rabbit. I see it! The ears though, are wrong. So it’s a crow. But... I dunno.


It’s definitely a bird. But is it a crow or a raven? Not sure. One of my editors suggested it could be a raven, more specifically. Maybe! It’s definitely not a rabbit, but for a second there in the middle of the video there are a few frames where I can totally see rabbit. But it’s not. It’s a bird.


Caitlin Schneider, our social editor, consulted GMG’s “bird Slack,” which informed her that it is a white neck raven. I can see that.

But also... it kinda looks like a rabbit.