Is This Woman the World's Sexiest Narco Boss?

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Mexican websites are currently going berserk over Claudia Ochoa Felix, a voluptuous mother of three from Sinaloa state who models with AK-47’s, parades around in tight outfits, and posts dozens of pictures of her luxurious lifestyle on Twitter and Facebook. She might also be the leader of a subgroup of the infamous Sinaloa drug cartel.

@ fabbysalazar y yo :)— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) April 6, 2014

cuidado amiga— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) April 6, 2014— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) January 3, 2014— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) April 30, 2014

:)— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) May 3, 2014

The Sinaloa native is getting noticed around the world. Just type her name in Google, and you'll get thousands of links to articles and slideshows with headlines like "Claudia Ochoa Felix, the Hot Narco Boss Who Seduces on Twitter" and "Claudia Ochoa, The Sexiest Narco Boss in All of Mexico."

This picture taken by Ochoa Felix of a boy who she describes as her son blew up on social media over the weekend:

regalame uno Hijo !— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) February 24, 2014


But is this woman really a narco queen, or is she the latest victim of a media frenzy driven by her stunning looks and an apparent love for money and guns?

Mexican websites claim Ochoa Felix could be the new boss of "Los Antrax," a gang of hitmen who work for the Sinaloa cartel. Her nickname, "La Emperatriz de los Antrax," translates to "the empress of the Anthrax." But reliable news sites like Proceso and have pointed out that Mexican prosecutors have not launched any investigations against her.


According to Mexican website
Al Momento, the accusations against Ochoa Felix were first spread by the drug war site "Blog del Narco" in a story about the murder of Yuriana Castillo, a young woman with links to the Sinaloa Cartel.

Blog del Narco, which is famous for breaking news on Mexico's drug wars, said gunmen had actually intended to kill Ochoa Felix on May 7, but shot Castillo by mistake.


"A beautiful woman who loves exercise, Claudia Felix had some luck, and was not the victim of this execution," they wrote in a post that is no longer available online (but is quoted on Al Momento). "Another young woman was unlucky enough to look like the new boss of the Anthrax army."

El Blog del Narco and other Mexican websites claim Ochoa Felix took over Los Antrax after the gang's leader, known as "El Chino," was captured in Holland in January.


But Ochoa Felix has dismissed these accusations on her own Twitter account, accusing the Mexican media of "slander" and "lies." She has said she has no links to drug cartels.

De donde dicen ser profesionales @procesomx que pena que estén manchando mi nombre con sus notas amarillistas— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) June 1, 2014


Ochoa Felix also received dozens of messages of support from Twitter fans, who have also been quick to comment on her stunning looks.


Ochoa Felix however has not explained how she got the guns that she poses with in several pictures, or how she has afforded other luxuries that she has flaunted on social media, such as a luxury BMW.— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) May 22, 2014

When asked by a Twitter user if she misses dancing with former Antrax gang leader "El Chino," she only responded with a happy face symbol.

señora me acuerdo cuando bailaba con el patron el chino cuando traian a los tucanes y bailaban ustedes la d… — :)— Claudia ochoa felix (@ClaUdiaaFelixx) May 22, 2014


Ochoa Felix has no indication of her occupation on her Twitter profile. She only says that she is a mother of three children, who are "the most beautiful story" that "destiny wrote" in her life.

Manuel Rueda is a correspondent for Fusion, covering Mexico and South America. He travels from donkey festivals, to salsa clubs to steamy places with cartel activity.