It Pains Me to Report That Nikki Haley Is Apparently Getting That Bread

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Nikki Haley’s post-government life is reportedly going quite well, unfortunately.


According to a report from CNBC, Haley is following the path of many sleazy politicians before her and is preparing to embark on a round of speaking engagements. For her brief time behind the podium, the former South Carolina governor will be paid ridiculously well. Haley’s going rate, according to seven anonymous sources cited by CNBC, is a cool $200,000 per speech, paired with the use of a private jet for transportation.

Haley announced her resignation as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in October. In her resignation letter, she announced her intentions to spend time in the private sector when she stepped down at the end of 2018.

Haley, of course, is far from the only former public servant to tap into the lucrative well of business councils and bankers looking to set their money on fire and schmooze with folks they think might end up in the White House someday. Hillary Clinton reaped nearly $22 million in just two years by hitting the speech circuit and wooing Wall Street investment bankers. Former Vice President Joe Biden earns the same rate as Haley minus the private jet, or at least he did when he gave a speech in which he pumped up a Michigan to give a speech to a business group and also stump for a GOP congressman three weeks out from the 2018 midterms.

(CNBC reported that Haley signed with Washington Speakers Bureau, noting that the same firm also represented former Trump administration members John Kelly and H.R. McMaster. However, Kelly appears to be signed with Worldwide Speakers Group and McMaster appears to be signed with the Harry Walker Agency. Splinter has reached out to Washington Speakers Bureau for comment. CNBC reporter Kayla Tausche told Splinter the outlet is currently trying to verify this information.)

It’s unclear what words of wisdom Haley will receive such a grossly high fee for uttering. In all likelihood, the circuit will be little more than an extension of her role in the Trump administration—a blatant push for the Trump 2020 campaign, with a healthy mix of erasing her role in caping for his Muslim ban and purposefully misremembering her climate-change denial.

Again, because it can’t be remember and put in full perspective enough, Haley is reportedly about to fetch a fee worth more than 94 percent of Americans make in a year. To say words. To rich assholes.