It’s going to be hard to be Sean Spicer after Melissa McCarthy’s blisteringly funny 'SNL' performance

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In a surprise guest appearance last night on Saturday Night Live, Primetime Emmy winner and Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy so thoroughly nailed an impersonation of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer that it’s going to be tough to watch the guy actually trying to do his job from now on.

Noting the toxic relationship between the press and the White House these days, McCarthy’s character began a “press briefing” by noting the administration’s “rocky start.”

“When I say rocky start, I mean it in the sense of Rocky the movie, because I came out here to punch you,” McCarthy warns.


The combative McCarthy-as-Spicer then gets into a fight with The New York Times over who called Trump’s Muslim ban a ban, punishes a CNN reporter by locking him in a cage with only a diaper, and then blasts a reporter in the face with a squirt gun when he asks if the White House’s statement on the Holocaust Remembrance Day was anti-Semitic.

Sadly, the circus that is the Trump administration is going to give McCarthy plenty of material should she choose to continue in this role. And we could all use a laugh.


Just watch: