It took a while, but 'Moonlight' finally got the Golden Globes love it deserved

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MoonlightBarry Jenkins' masterful film about the life of a queer black man which was widely hailed as one of the best movies of 2016—went into the Golden Globes on Sunday as one of the favorites to take home some major prizes. But there was increasing dismay as, again and again, the film kept losing, and movies like La La Land—a musical about two white people in love—kept dominating, even in unexpected categories like Best Screenplay.


By the time the Best Motion Picture—Drama award arrived at the very end of the evening, it felt like Moonlight was going to be snubbed entirely—a shocking outcome. Luckily for everyone, the Globes swerved at the last minute, handing Moonlight the night's biggest prize. The audience stood and cheered.


Jenkins accepted the award with grace and elegance, and then the evening was over. Crisis averted.

Now comes the even bigger fight: the Oscars. Stay tuned…

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