Then Davidson wrapped her speech with a seal call:


Meanwhile, Mallott’s resignation still remains a mystery, at least publicly. Based off Walker’s comments when addressing the resignation, the move appeared to be in response to a conversation Mallott had with or about a woman, per KTVA 11:

“As lieutenant governor, his wisdom and values have shaped my thinking,” he said. “What we do after the fall is what defines who we are. Byron did the right thing owned up to his mistake and he resigned.”

Walker then redirected his speech away from Mallott.“To all the women who have come forward abut mistreatment in their life, thank you,” he said. “You are brave; you deserve respect; you deserve to be believed we are listening. We will only fully heal when every woman in Alaska is treated with respect.”


“I want you to know that Alaskans deserve the highest standard of conduct by their elected officials,” she said. “Respect for women and the dignity of all Alaska is our responsibility. These last few days have been tough for all of us, but today is a new day.”


If you know anything about the events surrounding Mallott’s sudden resignation—more plainly, if you know what the hell he said that was so awful he had to resign three weeks before midterms—drop us a line.